Saturday, November 17, 2012

Coca Cola Chicken

When you see "insufficient fund" on the ATM screen, you know you are really poor.

It's a relaxing week. Holiday intercepting with work days made me confused of what day it is. Does that happen to you too? 

I have an extremely sweet younger brother that cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me. So, I spent one of the holiday to return back the favor. Coca cola chicken is an extremely easy dish to cook. Try it out :) 

The ingredients: 
Coca cola
2 Onions
2 clove of Garlic
Dark soy sauce (2 table spoons)
Light soy sauce (3 table spoons)
a pinch of salt

The Steps:
1. Pour coca cola into your pan. Put in your chicken. As long as your chicken is covered with coca cola, you are good.

2. Add on 3 table spoons of light soy sauce,
a pinch of salt for the taste,
two table spoons of dark soy sauce for the color,
one small onion like the picture beside this,
and 2 clove of smashed garlic.

3. Let it shimmer until try. Stir the chicken from time to time to
prevent it from sticking onto your pan.

4. Add-on the remaining onion before last few minutes, when it's starting to dry up.

5. Put it on your plate, take a photo, post it on your blog, then gobble up your awesome meal :)

My masterpiece. 

This is how it should end up looking like. 
All the best! 


Ai Li said...

I want to nom. Please feed me.

Sharon said...

cook yourself :)