Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Friend's Wedding

No, not literally first friend. But it's the first wedding I attend to among my close friends.

Went all the way to Bentung, Pahang yesterday to shower a little of blessings to the newly wed couple. It sucks how I can get sick at this special moment. Totally spoiled the mood. I forgot how entertaining it can be to have the kawan around, despite two nearly crashed life-death incidents. The journey was good nonetheless.

I have spent most of my life alone, which I think would take some time for me to get used to sharing my life with another person. I wonder how is it like to have to spend your life together forever with your other half :/ How if you wake up one day and feel that you don't like to share your bed, you don't like to hear people snoring when you sleep, you just want to go back being alone?

Mmm.... scratch that thought. I hope that will never happen to any one of us. It's a Sunday, I shall find something meaningful to do.


P/S: Have an awesome life, Adelia :)

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