Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lost Two Iphones in 3 Months

The first was an iPhone 4S, first phone I bought for myself after I started working. Pickpocketed in Pudu LRT Station after badminton. Just got an iPhone 5 from dad for Christmas last year. Imagine my disbelief when I checked my bag after Sunday service and found that its no longer there. Yes, someone actually dares to steal in the House of the Lord.

There wasn't much angst. I prayed for the person for conviction. This is the 4th time I lost my phone. It's not brand issue because the first was a Motorola and second was a Nokia. Maybe I should try Samsung next. Or maybe I'll go back to carrying basic phone... but I still have one year data plan to commit.

FYI, I had been surviving without a handphone for near to three weeks now. Someone asked whether it's a punishment I imposed on myself. I disagree. It's not my fault to be the target of pickpocket. I hope I don't have the "victim-face". The Sarjan promised to try his best in retrieving the iPhone. My faith on him is losing by weeks. But, somehow, deep down, I felt like I would get back my phone, which explains why I never get a replacement up to date. 

The Five Stages of Grief. I am reaching upon Stage 5: Acceptance. I have learnt that there's always gain in every loss. Still, I hope this will be the last time my phone being pickpocketed by any beings. The heart can only take so much.

Brief update since I've been missing for so long.
Hope your life is smoother than mine :)


Angela Lu said...

I got mugged once few years back and snatched once just recently. Lost my phones on both occasions. Made report to the police but never heard from them after the report was made.

Word of advice : Never have any faith in malaysian police. A hell lot of people lose their smartphones everyday throughout the country. Which is exactly why I have bought insurance for my Nexus 4, in case it gets stolen.

And you should at least carry a dumb phone with you, just in case for emergency use.

Sharon said...

yeah, the police is pretty much useless in this case. never heard an update from them for months already.